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Artwork/Photo: Kirby Ard Ri and Lucky Leo

"Great solid music deep to the core.

This music shows a deep respect for the tune and

a strong connection between the musicians

creating this lovely new sound."

- Yvonne Casey

"I first got to know Fionnghuala Leahy and Andi Leahy when along with Eileen Ivers

they were pioneers in the Celtic Funk movement with the band Ground Plan...

they're back in a great new band with Peter Gallagher - a perfect partner.

I have no doubt that they'll make up for lost time and

soon regain their rightful place as innovators and creative artists.

Welcome back, ladies, we've missed you and

long live West of Connacht."

- Larry Kirwan of Black 47

Celtic Crush/SiriusXM



Andi Leahy (U.S.A.) on fiddle and Peter Gallagher (Western Ireland) on guitar are both long-time musicians of Traditional Irish Music. They met from across the Atlantic Ocean through professional networking, where both were looking to get involved with something creative and inspiring, musically. After exchanging musical samples and ideas, a collaboration became inevitable. Both discovered a special and unique opportunity unfolding as a direct result of their passion for the music.

Soon afterwards, they were joined by Andi's sister,

Fionnghuala Leahy (U.S.A.) on flute, clavinet and vocals.

They then decided to form a band and Leahy-Gallagher Music is now known as the band, 

West of Connacht.

While they are rooted in traditional Irish Music, they aim to create a world music, which embraces and fuses different genres and appeals to people across the globe. Drawing from the members’ shared love of music, these long-time players of traditional Irish music, look to produce creative and innovative new music, while staying steeped in the Irish tradition. They create their sound, sometimes collaborating with various international musicians, focusing on beautiful melodies and their rhythmic elements. They craft a fresh, modern fusion to appeal to a wider audience of different genres as well, worldwide. They love the endless possibilities of creating music through recording. Quality musical arranging and recording takes time and dedication. Their musical process is challenging at long distance, yet they are motivated by the heart and chemistry they share.


This new collaborative will be rolling out more beautiful and moving musical pieces into the future, to be joined by amazing guest artists. Please keep posted and enjoy!


The group is excited to release their new single, Out now!! It features wonderful guest musicians...


The lovely fiddling of Yvonne Casey from County Clare, Ireland...












The sweet lead vocals of Jali Suso from Gambia,

West Africa sung in Mandinka and English...













and Cyrus Segura on kick a**s drums, djembe, guiro and grandfather clock from New Jersey, USA... 

We are looking forward to bringing you a unique, beautiful new piece!

Thank you!

Andi, Fionnghuala and Peter

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